Company History
Construct various structures for Basil Read (2006 – 2008)
Plant, formwork, support work, supervision and labour supplied by Ashcon Civil construction cc
1 Mega Liter water tower and reticulation work
 Atterbury flying saucer project – various insitu and pre-cast service and storm water culverts
Construct various surface and underground projects for G4-Civils (2006 – 2010)
 Pump stations
 Conveyor Plinths and shoots
 Box fronts
 Refueling bays
 Surface and underground workshops
 Storm water dams and reticulation works
 MEDUPI POWER STATION – holding down slabs at raw water dams
 Culverts and wing walls at P22
Slurry pump station
 Conveyor belt turnover slabs
 Intermediate road barriers and highway lamp posts
Contractor for GLENCORE (2010 – CURRENT)
 Construct Sand-bunker
Construct drains and gate valves
Construct floor slabs
 Construct emergency feed hopper plant
Construct retaining walls at cooling towers
 Construct bunkers
Construct process water collection system 22.325m x 4.65m x 1.8m’
Repair work at dam rig bunker walls
 Underground Workshop
Contractor for GG Civils – UnAfrique Supply Chain (2012)
Erection of 60m high Cell-C towers
Sub-Contractor for JODEN GROUP (2012)
 Guard Rails
 Stone Pitching
 Placing of curbstones
 Gabion baskets and Rhino mattresses
 Head structure
 Drive and take up slabs
 Ventilation doors and walls
 Strikes conveyor belts
 Belt extensions
 Pump station
 Koffer dams
 MCC’s and transformer bay’s
 Chairlift landings
 Surface storm water drain – Merensky
 Service pipe support plinths - Merensky
Contracter Murray and Roberts (2015)
Belt Extentions
Mini Sub Civils
Strike Belts
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